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Information for Researchers

Living Biobank

In its mission to prevent type 1 diabetes, TrialNet has developed a unique resource through the longitudinal monitoring of individuals at risk for the development of type 1 diabetes within the Natural History study. TrialNet has launched the Living Biobank initiative to provide investigators with the opportunity to obtain "on-demand" biological samples from selected individuals within this population. Exploratory research is encouraged under this initiative.

Studies must use TrialNet screened subjects, and cannot interfere with ongoing clinical trials or studies. Investigators can select the clinical characteristics needed for their study as well as the sample type and collection frequency. Although many Living Biobank studies may be implemented through cost-sharing with the TrialNet network, special sample collections and visits outside of the normal visit schedules will incur additional costs which should be covered by the approved applicant. In addition, some studies may require effort from the TrialNet coordinating center, with costs covered by the approved ancillary study. See below for estimates of these costs (Living Biobank Cost List).

Living biobank studies will be evaluated with careful consideration for their potential impact on the objectives and performance of the TrialNet Natural History study. Further, living biobank studies must not interfere with the continued interest and participation of the study subjects and investigators. To protect the interests of TrialNet, each living biobank study must be reviewed and approved by the Ancillary Studies Committee before its initiation. If a living biobank study is considered highly worthy by the Ancillary Studies Committee, but may cause deviation in the study protocol, or may interfere with the subjects’ interest or participation in TrialNet, then the study must be additionally reviewed and approved by the TrialNet Steering Committee before formal approval is granted. All approved living biobank studies will be reviewed yearly to evaluate their progress, and impact on TrialNet as a whole.

TrialNet welcomes the submission of living biobank studies as an adjunct to ongoing protocols. Please refer to the Living Biobank Applicant Instructions below for complete information.

Current Funding Opportunities

NIDDK active funding opportunities:

  • Research Using Subjects From Selected Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Studies (Living Biobank) (DP3)

    Applicants who reference the above PAR in TrialNet Ancillary Study applications should be advised that the deadline for submissions is October 10, 2014."

NIH general announcement for all investigator-initiated research: