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Type 1 Diabetes - TrialNet e-news - Spring 2013

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Meet the Principal Investigator:
William Russell, M.D.

William Russell, M.D.

William Russell, M.D.
Principal Investigator

Type 1 Diabetes TrialNet is proud to work with the world's leading experts in type 1 diabetes. In this issue, we feature TrialNet Principal Investigator William Russell, M.D., who is also chair of the Abatacept Prevention Protocol. Dr. Russell, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, is the Director of the Division of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

The recipient of multiple research grants and awards, Dr. Russell directs the Children’s Diabetes Program at the multispecialty Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic, which follows over 2500 children with diabetes from eight surrounding states, and provides state-of-the-art diabetes care for children and adults of all ages. In addition to his TrialNet research to prevent type 1 diabetes, he also has an active laboratory research program in liver biology. He has trained dozens of students over the past 30 years and also directs the training program in pediatric endocrinology at Vanderbilt.

A native of Michigan, Dr. Russell is a graduate of the University of Michigan. He received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and his residency training in Pediatrics and in Pediatric Endocrinology at Massachusetts General Hospital. He also undertook additional training in Pediatric Endocrinology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Dr. Russell is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology. He has published extensively on a variety of topics related to liver biology and to endocrine disorders in children. For two years he served as team physician for Team Type 1, a world class athletic program, as they set course records for the transcontinental cycling event, Race Across America. He was awarded the 2013 Living and Giving Award from the Middle Tennessee JDRF.