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Type 1 Diabetes - TrialNet e-news - April 2010

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The Scheibers Make Type 1 Diabetes Research a Family Affair

Davey Scheiber with his five sisters

Davey Scheiber with his five sisters

"When it came time to get screened, we didn’t need to convince them."
—Janie Scheiber

Parents to six children, Dave and Janie Scheiber remember first hearing about TrialNet at a back-to-school event organized by Tampa Bay JDRF and the University of South Florida (USF). The event was designed to help parents of children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes prepare for a new school year. Nine-year-old Davey Scheiber had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes earlier in the summer, leaving the family a bit overwhelmed at how to incorporate finger pricks and insulin shots into his daily routine.

“TrialNet Recruitment Coordinator Craig Bobik was at the event talking about the importance of getting siblings screened,” explains Dave. “He said there’s always talk about a breakthrough, but there’s a need for more information and research.”

Dave recalls thinking, “We have all these kids. If we can help by getting more data for research, that’s something we want to do.”

“Our kids felt the same way,” said Janie. “When it came time to get screened, we didn’t need to convince them.”

This spring, four of the Scheiber children were screened at a JDRF Walk. Another daughter who lives in Canada will be screened at a TrialNet site there.

“It was very simple,” explains Janie. “The nurse, Danielle Henson, was very professional and relaxed. It helped to have Dr. Rodriguez, USF Principal Investigator, there too, making everyone feel at home. And Craig Bobik (who also has type 1 diabetes) was having his two daughters screened.”

“Our son, Davey, was so proud that we were all there that day,” says Dave. “We all walked together. It was a way to embrace the whole experience.”

“The help you get from people along the way makes such a difference,” says Janie. “We so appreciated the support and information we received when Davey was diagnosed. It was amazing! When we talk to people who were diagnosed 20 years ago, the progress is incredible. Everyone really needs to help make this research continue.”

Dave, a general assignment columnist for FOXSports and FOX Sports Florida, has written about his family’s experience with type 1 diabetes.

Here’s a link to one of his articles: http://www.foxsportsflorida.com/02/06/12/Rays-Fuld-shows-heart-as-his-legend-grow/msn_landing.html?blockID=660890&feedID=3722

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